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Make Your Personal 996-Technology Porsche 911 Turbo With a Mythical Audi Engine

Make Your Personal 996-Technology Porsche 911 Turbo With a Mythical Audi Engine

Swapping extra robust engines from different producers into challenge vehicles is not anything new, however stuffing an Audi 2.7T in the back of a Porsche 911’s rear wheels may well be. Renn27 is doing simply that, and it is a cheat code to make a Porsche 911 Turbo for doubtlessly some distance inexpensive than purchasing a factory-created model.

The corporate provides steerage and switch portions to make this conceivable, and the advantages are tantalizing if the engine bay belongs to a 996-generation 911.

The reason is is the Mezger-equipped 996 911 Turbo recently fetches a horny penny, a minimum of one that is in total blank, taken-care-of situation. However the 996 Carrera 2 or 4 is way more not unusual and far inexpensive. Actually, it is conceivable to pick out one up in just right form for round $20,000—that is at public sale pricing, too.

The switch provides the risk to proper probably the most 996’s wrongs, too. The M96 engine in the back of the rear axle is a great engine however can broaden some dear problems, particularly if it hasn’t been well-cared for, together with the scary intermediate shaft bearing debacle.

Peter Nelson

The Audi 2.7TT is a smart engine to any individual who is in reality acquainted; it helped the B5 S4 protected legend standing amongst fanatics. This V6 lump will also be tricky to paintings on, however an engine-out carrier with recent seals, timing parts, and a few delicate reliability mods make it an actual tank. Simply keep on most sensible of normal fluid adjustments. 

Renn27’s technique—as a result of it is an engine switch—makes all this servicing simple or even comprises going with a unmarried turbo setup and air-to-water intercooler, probably for packaging issues. The corporate boasts that this spec is just right for 100,000 miles post-freshening and is able to make within the ballpark of 500 horsepower reliably. Mating it with Porsche electronics is simple, too, since each the B5 S4 and 996 911 make the most of Bosch Me7 engine control. Spouse corporate 27Swap makes combining forces a snap.

Take a look at the video that Renn27 whipped up on their YouTube channel that discusses each and every side. The 2 firms’ internet sites and Fb and Instagram have an immense quantity of information on them, too, together with extra switch doable for the two.7.

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