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Ford Applies to Patent Self-Repossessing Automobiles That Can Power Themselves Away

Ford Applies to Patent Self-Repossessing Automobiles That Can Power Themselves Away

Reasonable automobile funds were emerging for some time. Even though auto mortgage delinquency charges were down because the peak of the pandemic, Ford implemented for a patent to make the repossession procedure cross smoother. For the financial institution, this is.

The patent record used to be submitted to the USA Patent Workplace in August 2021 however it used to be officially revealed Feb. 23. It is titled “Methods and How to Repossess a Car.” It describes a number of tactics to make the lifetime of someone who has ignored a number of automobile funds tougher.

It explicitly says the machine, which might be put in on any destiny automobile within the automaker’s lineup with a knowledge connection would have the ability to “[disabling] a capability of a number of elements of the automobile.” The entirety from the engine to the air con. For automobiles with self sustaining or semi-autonomous riding capacity, the machine may possibly “transfer the automobile from a primary spot to a 2d spot this is extra handy for a tow truck to tow the automobile… transfer the automobile from the premises of the landlord to a location akin to, as an example, the premises of the repossession company,” or, if the lending establishment considers the “monetary viability of executing a repossession process” to be unjustifiable, the automobile may possibly pressure itself to the junkyard.


No different automakers have just lately tried to patent a identical machine, and certainly the Ford patent does not reference every other prison record for the sake of clarifying its thought. All of this being stated, patent paperwork, particularly packages like this one, don’t essentially constitute an automaker’s intent to introduce the described characteristic, procedure, or era to its automobiles. Ford may simply be making an attempt to offer protection to this concept for the sake of doing so. The record does cross right into a lot of element as to how this type of machine may paintings, even though.

The very first thing to understand is if your automobile is hooked up to the web in anyway, the program may possibly theoretically paintings on it. The appliance likewise describes a “repossession pc” that may be put in on destiny vehicles to make the program serve as easily, however it additionally states no additional {hardware} essentially must be put in at the automobile for it to serve as. “In some embodiments, the automobile pc could also be configured to accomplish some, or all, purposes of the repossession machine pc.” Mainly, in case your automobile has an infotainment machine already set as much as obtain one thing like over-the-air updates, this is able to most probably paintings with out bodily changes.

There could be a number of warnings from the automobile sooner than the machine initiated a proper repossession. If those warnings have been not noted, the auto may possibly start to lose capability forward of a repo. The primary misplaced purposes could be minor inconveniences like “cruise keep an eye on, computerized window controls, computerized seat controls, and a few elements of the infotainment machine (radio, world positioning machine (GPS), MP3 participant, and so on.)” The following stage is extra severe, and contains the lack of such things as “the air con machine, a far flung key fob, and an automatic door lock/liberate machine.” Likewise, an “incessant and unsightly sound” could also be grew to become on “each and every time the landlord is provide within the automobile.”

If all of this is continued by means of the auto’s proprietor and cost nonetheless has no longer been gained, they might get locked out in their automobile. The patent software states that “the repossession machine pc might disable the door lock mechanism, thereby putting the automobile in a lockout situation and combating an individual from getting into a cabin of the automobile.” There are a number of caveats to move with this, akin to locking out the landlord simplest on weekends or taking into account automobile use in emergency scenarios. Certainly, the patent explicitly notes that if someone is affected by one thing like a middle assault—it makes use of the guts assault state of affairs a number of occasions within the record—then the auto might be unlocked. It says the automobile’s onboard digicam might be used along a “neural community” to resolve if the emergency state of affairs is respectable.


A repo will nonetheless in the end happen, even though, and that is the place it is defined that self sustaining or semi-autonomous vehicles may make this procedure more straightforward for the financial institution. To begin with, it says the automobile will use its onboard sensors to come across whether or not or no longer it is in a storage. If it is not, then the auto may possibly, with out the landlord being mindful, repossess itself or pressure someplace close by to keep away from a disagreement with the repossessor. I will be able to quote Ford’s patent record explicitly for the sake of readability right here:

“In some circumstances, the automobile is usually a semi-autonomous automobile and the repossession machine pc might cooperate with the automobile pc within the semi-autonomous automobile to autonomously transfer the automobile from a primary spot to a 2d spot this is extra handy for a tow truck to tow the automobile. The primary spot might, as an example, be positioned within the assets line of the landlord (a storage or a driveway, as an example) and the second one spot could also be out of doors the valuables line (a public street, as an example).

In another circumstances, the automobile may also be an self sustaining automobile and the repossession machine pc might cooperate with the automobile pc to autonomously transfer the automobile from the premises of the landlord to a location akin to, as an example, the premises of the repossession company, the premises of the lending establishment, an impound pound, or every other pre-designated location.”

Here is the place the junkyard comes into play. To paraphrase, the marketplace price of the automobile will probably be known by means of the lending establishment in accordance with mileage, situation, and/or positive prices related to repossession (towing, garage, re-sale court cases and so on.). If it’s going to value the financial institution extra to repo the automobile as in comparison to what it might promote it for, then “the repossession machine pc might cooperate with the automobile pc to autonomously transfer the automobile from the premises of the landlord to a junkyard.”


The truth that Ford envisions self sustaining vehicles will sooner or later be price so little that riding themselves to a scrapyard makes monetary sense may trace on the nature of this patent. It might not be one thing the automaker plans to in truth expand any time quickly. That being stated, the truth that Ford has any stage of pastime in this kind of factor, whether or not it is only for the sake of defending an concept or no longer, is regarding. The considered your self sustaining automobile riding away since you ignored a cost is not a nice one, and be mindful Ford additionally mentions “semi-autonomous” vehicles as doubtlessly being able to supporting a machine like this. Its present “Blue Cruise” hands-free riding machine may possibly really well be “semi-autonomous.”

As prior to now discussed, Ford is the one automaker to try to patent one thing like this. Making repossessions cross smoother for banks isn’t formally on the entrance of different automobile firms’ minds. Let’s hope, for the sake of any one who has ever ignored a couple of automobile funds, it remains that manner.

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