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Building Profitable Empires in Civilization VI The Rise of Corporations

Building Profitable Empires in Civilization VI The Rise of Corporations

Civilization VI (Civ 6) is the latest installment in the renowned turn-based strategy game series that allows players to build and manage their own civilizations. With the release of the “Rise and Fall” expansion in 2018 and the “Gathering Storm” expansion in 2019, the game introduced a new and exciting feature – Corporations. This article explores how corporations work in civ 6 corporations and their impact on gameplay.

What Are Corporations in Civ 6?

In Civilization VI, Corporations are a type of economic entity that players can create to enhance their civilization’s economic prowess. They represent large, influential business enterprises with a global reach. Players can establish and control corporations to gain various advantages, including increased income, enhanced trade opportunities, and unique gameplay benefits.

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How to Create Corporations

To establish a Corporation in Civ 6, players need to meet specific requirements:

  1. Technology: You must research the “Capitalism” civic, which becomes available in the Modern Era.
  2. Great Merchant: You’ll need to recruit a Great Merchant who possesses the “Multinational Corporation” ability. This Great Merchant is specifically designed for founding corporations.
  3. Gold Reserves: Founding a corporation requires a significant amount of gold reserves, which can vary based on factors like game difficulty and the number of players.

Once these prerequisites are met, you can use your Great Merchant to establish a Corporation.

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Benefits of Corporations

Corporations in Civ 6 provide several advantages:

  1. Increased Gold Income: The primary benefit of establishing a Corporation is the boost to your civilization’s gold income. Corporations generate revenue based on various factors, including the number of cities that have their headquarters, nearby resources, and trade routes.
  2. Trade Routes: Corporations enhance your trade routes. When a trade route originates from a city with a Corporation’s headquarters, it can yield additional gold, production, or other bonuses, depending on the type of Corporation.
  3. Unique Abilities: Each Corporation in Civ 6 has unique abilities that provide strategic advantages. For example, the “Pharmaceuticals” Corporation enhances city growth, while the “Media Conglomerate” increases your culture output.
  4. Tourism: Establishing a Corporation can also contribute to your civilization’s tourism output, making it easier to achieve a cultural victory.

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Types of Corporations

Civilization VI offers various types of Corporations, each with its unique set of benefits and effects. Some examples include:

  1. Luxury Resource Corporations: These corporations focus on luxury resources, providing increased amenities and happiness to your cities.
  2. Raw Resource Corporations: These corporations are centered around strategic or bonus resources, boosting production and trade in resource-rich areas.
  3. Tourism Corporations: These corporations specialize in increasing tourism output, making them crucial for cultural victories.
  4. Industrial Corporations: These corporations excel at increasing production and generating gold.

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Strategic Considerations

In Civ 6, establishing and managing corporations can significantly impact your civilization’s economic and strategic standing. Players must consider factors like resource availability, trade route optimization, and how different corporations align with their overall victory objectives. Corporations provide a dynamic layer of gameplay that challenges players to adapt their strategies and make the most of their economic opportunities.

In conclusion, the introduction of Corporations in Civilization VI has added depth and complexity to the game’s economic and strategic aspects. Players can now establish and manage these powerful entities, reaping various benefits while pursuing their path to victory. Incorporating corporations into your civilization can be a game-changing move, making Civ 6 an even more engaging and dynamic strategy experience.